Birthplace: New Prague, MN

When and how did you start practicing Nia?

I walked into my first Nia class in July 2008. Enduring a sever spinal injury 22 years prior and having countless health issues (including being told by the Mayo Clinic I’d never do more than walk again) I accepted pain as a way of life. While in class I was told to tweak. The moment you feel pain go one level lower and stay in joy. I had a tough time with this but thought, “What the heck nothing else has worked and it’s only 1 hour.” I had NO pain. Next day I had no pain. For the first time in 22 years……NO PAIN!!! I have never looked back since.

How has it helped you in the rest of your life?

Nia completely changed my life. I now have NO pain and enjoy life with an energized calm. Six years later I have gotten older and my body, mind, and spirit have gotten younger. Nia provided me the vehicle to step into my purpose: Help both myself and people heal, be of hope, and show them greater health is a reality. I wear all my hats better: Mom, friend, daughter, lover, teacher, student…..Life has purpose and meaning. And best of all….living it with greater Joy!

When did you decide you wanted to teach Nia, and where/with whom did you do teacher training?

During the White Belt intensive (Nia follows the martial arts system) in August of 2008 the Voice spoke to me. I was to teach. The fabulous Denise Medved (also founder of Ageless Grace) was my teacher (White Belt, Hendersonville, NC) as well as Helen Terry (Blue Belt, S t. Louis, MO), Ann Christiansen, and the incredible co-founder Debbie Rosas (Brown Belt, Portland, OR).

What styles are you most influenced by in your teaching, and who are your favorite teachers?

I am most influenced by teachers who are authentic, organized, and a free spirit about themselves. Any Nia teacher I can get in front of I do as they are all SO incredibly trained. I always learn. My favorite teachers are Winnalee Zeeb, Debbie Rosas, Ann Christiansen, Robin Bach, Helen Terry, Kate Finlayson, and Marie McKay.

What are your favorite Nia-related books or DVDs?

The book called the Nia Technique and all the routines Nia has to offer. Focus and Intentions vary per routine plus you have the creative power to “exercise” the way of delivering, yet, staying true to Nia. My favorite routines thus far would have to be: SOUL, Passion, Humanity, Fly, and R-1. However, each one has a strong voice of it’s own.

What do you like to do when you’re not doing Nia?

Being with family, hiking, being outdoors, traveling, listening to music, helping people heal, speaking, and new found interest writing.